Back to basics : What is IT Infrastructure ? #2 Storage

Back to basics : What is IT Infrastructure ? #2 Storage

Storage, what a nice topic !

You know, I like the base line of a famous storage vendor about computing Storage : “Where information lives“. This is true !
The storage is where all the datas and informations are. I introduced in a previous post on the Datacenter side. Datas Storage and Mass Storage are in the Datacenter.

What is Storage on the Technical side ?

I looked at a definition and we can find that Storage is a technical component where IT stores Informations. All these informations can be stored in different kind of technical boxes. Started years ago with :

  • paper storage,
  • magnetic storage (floppys and hard disks),
  • optical storage and flash storage.

Each technology can give even more capacity or speed to access the information depending of the needs. Look at Wikipedia article on Computer Data Storage.

“IDC has estimated that enterprise data doubles every 18 months. That’s a scary statistic !”, said Matt Prigge.

With the development of IT, the need for more storage increased dramatically.
Can you imagine that every day, Internet is creating 15 Peta bytes of data !
Every single day !

And what are the trends ? Gartner said the growth will be 59% per year for the next coming 4 years. Data growth is one of the biggest IT infrastructure challenge for large enterprises, also said Gartner. Terrific isn’t it ? Some are calling this the Data Explosion.

Come back on the Storage side. Storage in not alone in the Datacenter. It means the storage is in the Datacenter, connected to a dedicated network called SANStorage Area Network – for performance improvement. This network is key, all Servers are connected to the storage through this network. Backup infrastructure is also connected to the Storage Area Network, this infrastructure architecture permits high performance backup. The SAN network will be soon replaced by new technology like FCoE for cost improvement.

But, you will say and on the boxes side ? Sounds what type of storage you can need ?
I like to split it in three :

  • Tier One Storage, I took George Crump definition as “Tier One Storage is the name given to systems designed to hold the most critical information that the business has to store.” These boxes are the best ones with the right price you can imagine ! Only to use for top 10-20% applications.
  • Tier Two Storage, These boxes will have a lower price with lower performance. Don’t imagine this is bad storage : it is not ! In fact, I am convinced that more than 50% of the needs can fit in that kind of storage.
  • Commodity Storage, last but not least. With the storage capacity improvements, with the last technologies and the trends ! You can imagine Companies will use more and more cheaper storage for non critical applications needs.

You can find these boxes with your preferred Storage vendor like EMC, HDS, HP, IBM, or NetApp.

And what about the future of the Storage in the Clouds ?
Let me know what are the areas, you can imagine Storage in the Clouds !


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