Cloud Computing : Are you Car or Plane ?

Cloud Computing : Are you Car or Plane ?

The New-York Times published, last Friday, a good article related to Cloud Computing major issue for Amazon Cloud Services.

In this article, Steve Lohr speaks about Amazon issue on its major Datacenter in Northen Virginia. At the end of the article, I found a great comment from Lew Moorman, from Rackspace.

“The Amazon interruption, said Lew Moorman, chief strategy officer of Rackspace, a specialist in data center services, was the computing equivalent of an airplane crash. It is a major episode with widespread damage. But airline travel, he noted, is still safer than traveling in a car — analogous to cloud computing being safer than data centers run by individual companies.”

Following this metaphor, I have two questions.

  • Is the Cloud like the plane regarding availability?
  • Is the Cloud like the plane for the environment impact?

What about availability? If you look at Cloud Computing about Quality of Service, reaching 99,99% SLA, with great continuity like do Cloud Industry is a challenge. To build this service level with the Cloud Payer’s costs is impossible. Only few companies can build their own private Cloud with enough economy of scale to deliver this Service Level but only Cloud Vendors can deliver it at a very low cost.

In this case, for availability, Cloud Computing is like a plane. Service Level are far from what you can expect from a car journey.

What about environment? In a previous post, I explained that Cloud Computing is an opportunity for Green. The economy of scale, the massive consolidation Cloud Vendors are building, put the Cloud at the best standard level for the environment.

In that case, Cloud Computing is better than the plane and the car. I would propose it could be a train.

Car, Plane, Train? What is your Computing vehicle? Feel free to share with me!

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