Cloud Computing is a Green Opportunity

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I read some different point of view about Cloud Computing and Green.

Some said that it is a paradox due to a lake of authority. Some said a country like Finland is doing it right. And last ones said Cloud Computing is Green.
What about your thoughts ?

What about Cloud and the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) ? A key part is the Environment. What about the carbon foot print ? What about the next Generation legacy ?

I think it is time to leverage each disruption, each innovation for the CSR Challenge, specially the Green challenge for IT.

The Cloud IS a Green Opportunity, for sure. Best practices for key Cloud Actors are on the go, look at Facebook initiative for their last Datacenter. The Open Compute project is proposing a Cloud Architecture to beat bests green practices ever for the Datacenter. Look at the PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness, I explain it here). They improved best is class standard not by 10%, or 25% but by 38% !

More and more the Cloud industry will improve their efficiency to develop a sustainable environment for their business. Moving to the Cloud will also improve your carbon foot print, when are you moving ?

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On April 15, 2011
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