Rent or Build Your Private Cloud?

Rent or Build Your Private Cloud?

The popularity of the Private Cloud in France can not be denied.
All projects that I can see with Beamap, mainly for large groups, are building a private cloud to the customer.

Why a Private Cloud?
The main motivation for the creation of a Private Cloud in the customer’s premises is a security related blur and a lot of things around security: data location, identity management, access, control, information system interconnection, processes to review … As these issues are complex and poorly controlled collectively, teams prefer to deal with the subject remaining in the premises of the Company. “At least it’s home, security teams can not tell us anything, it’s easier.” Pragmatic but is it really easier?

Why not create a private cloud on the outside?
The main suppliers of the French market should strengthen their proposal for this type of offer. Indeed, it is an intermediate step between the private cloud is permitted (the customer) and the Public Cloud (ie shared). The offer is still under construction for the same reasons I mention above.

Which Option? Rent or Build Your Private Cloud?
Definitely, I am convinced that the best offer is one that is made by the Supplier in his premises.
It forces teams to think in complete Service Offering and to handle the related Cloud Transformation and by the way it maximizes the benefits of the Cloud.

Where to start?

  • Respond with an updated security policy,
  • Present a clear legal and regulatory constraints with a risk-based approach,
  • Formalize the process between the customer and the supplier (including the information system part)
  • Formalize a clear and validated offer by those who use it (with their words)
  • Think of Service commitments beyond a 99.9% SLA and include performance, security and continuity.
  • Remember to innovate … is an opportunity not? (New services, streamlining ,…)

Finally, a path to the Private Cloud. One option may be to build a first pilot in premise to isolate the problem and then, through a generalization of the Service, to send it to your preferred supplier.


I will close this question: “Do you need to build a farm when you just want to drink milk?”

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