The Cloud and the Dots

The Cloud and the Dots

It is easier to do what we have to do, to be focus just on our own tasks, our own job or just what we have to do. When we are in the “execution mode”,  we are more in a focus mode for Delivery. It means focus on us, on our tasks. But… What about the Dots ?

The dots are the things you have to link between your project, the stake holders, the inputs you need for your job, the context and the things you have to prepare to be sure the project or deliverable will be valuable. The dots are the list of all points you have to link, to connect, to draw lines between. You know what ? Value is in connecting the dots. Value is created by having the right objectives, the right inputs, the right expected outcome like producing the document you are working on (I know it is hard too). Connecting the dots is difficult but it is valuable.

What about the Cloud ?
The Cloud is more transversal than other innovation, it requires more dots to connect.
Service definition, Information System guidelines, Architecture, Unified Technologies, Service Management, Support and more ! The Cloud Computing requires to make the link, to be proactive, to connect the dots…

Are you starting a Cloud Project ? Are you ready to connect the Dots ?

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