For Cloud too : “Done is better than perfect”

For Cloud too : “Done is better than perfect”
“Done is better than perfect”, you might recognize the Facebook moto. The secret of a running project in any implementation is to start with something.
David Allen, Pareto’s Law, Parkinson’s or another can certainly be your guide to a productivity gain! Guaranteed 100%, I tested for you. Before producing anything, we must begin!
Cloud Computing in its implementation is also there!
That projects Full Analysis, Study for, Study against, Business Case (Multi Version) I do not say do not study, think fit. Some of the projects we meet are being studied for over a year, yes more than a year and in some cases more (!), you can imagine the time for its implementation: it goes straight to failure. I do not even talk about its economic records. The differences between the need, needs imagined, old models applied and the value of each…
We must get out of this double spiral, the study (which is really just a way not to decide) and the spiral : when will be the time for the Perfect project.
I propose that you implement a first draft for a clearly identified need.
The first step: a Pilot, a step towards success. It will help to show the way, certainly imperfect but take the first step.
Ready to be done with you Cloud?
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