The summer, no Cloud and some Entrepreneurs

The summer, no Cloud and some Entrepreneurs

The summer gave us the opportunity to see things in a different way. This summer, with no cloud 🙂 I had a closer look at the place of the Entrepreneurship and Startups in the Medias. Reconciliation is on the way even if France is not a dreamed entrepreneurship country. Look at an amazing statistic: 73% of our young people (between 15 to 30) aim to be officials. I am sure this country could do better!

Anyway, the idea is moving and I am convinced things are changing, today at a slow rhythm but moving on the right direction. Look at some initiatives in some medias that are talking about this new generation. As an example, have a look at the Europe 1 chronic of Michel Grossiord : “Les 30 glorieux”. Each morning he’s inviting some 30’s potential. Many talents, let’s talk about some really awesome like “Le Slip Français”, could you imagine a so crowded space? And they are going to success! An other exemple is about plane’s seats; yes you read it, innovation with technology for new, comfortable and lighter seats for us in futur planes. Expliseat is again a good example of the talents we have in Europe and in this case in France. I only took two examples but be sure many they were all great.

An other topic for this summer is about the financing. Launching a project, aiming it could rise up, needs some money. In France you can find a crowd funding platform “Kiss Kiss Bank Bank” which already finance close to 10 000 projets for 20+ millions euros. On the same topic about financing, I was really surprised about the presentation of Amanda Palmer on TED: “The Art of Asking”. She found more than one million $ for here project! Watch at her talk it’s a very very good one.

On the same page, an other example I found for this summer is for students that are looking for some money for a film project: “No Delirium“. A small project that could train our futur film makers… Again we can find some projects and entrepreneurs and the Digital Era is giving all of the opportunity to crush it!
I subscribed it, you can support this project here.

Soon, with fall, some Clouds will come back and we will talk again about the challenges we will face.

Have a nice ending summer.

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