Happy 2015!

Happy 2015!

Best wishes for this new year!

I wish you all for 2015. Health, happiness, prosperity, all, to be specific… more!

This year 2015 needs to be different, I propose to make a new step to see your future a better future. Just a positive thought.

I am proud, for this new year, to introduce the new look of my Blog which is now more me! That said it was not less me in the past 🙂 Anyway, you can have my thoughts and interests : Cloud for sure, which is a big interest, but not only.

This year I will speak more about Entrepreneurship in the Digital Age, I will also give some perspective about what could be the next steps in the Cloud field and more. I will have a look on the new Economic Model around Digital and Cloud which is a key topic but not so well explained. And finally, I could speak about Design and Art, Photos, Books or some nice things I love, like Sémélé my Design Company.

And to finish with a wink, a little video to show that Cloud is really everywhere , even in American comedy 🙂


Again, happy 2015!

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