The dawn of Creative Innovators

The dawn of Creative Innovators

The world is changing, and I think much faster than we can imagine. Let’s look at some interesting facts:

Gutenberg, in the 15th century with his famous movable-type printing press, forever a world game changer,

The first industrial revolution at the end of the 18th century and its mechanisation. It was the first steps of “thinking manufacturing” and leveraging technology to improve productivity.

The second industrial revolution with rail, electricity and industrial plants was starting end of 19th. Big impact in our lives today. How could we have imagined living with all these new technologies?

We are now facing the third industrial revolution as Jeremy Rifkin explained in his book. It is not just about new technologies. The third industrial revolution includes the concept of “Zero Marginal Cost” for any goods  which brings with it more free services and a new way of delivering value with more and more collaborative behaviour.

With each evolution, people’s roles and added value shifts in new ways of doing their jobs.

The first quality is the primary labour-based function. Before Gutenberg and with the first and second industrial revolution’s, the work effort expended closely linked to the time required to it. Even with some automation and modernisation the labour-based industrial way was still a safe bet.

In 1959, Peter Drucker introduced the Knowledge Worker idea ( ). He imagined that the added value would be provided more by knowledge and our capability to make links and established connections between areas of expertise. Would he believe the importance today (in term of knowledge) of Wikipedia as an example? Could he? Probably not.

Then, what is the next stage?

Knowledge is everywhere at low cost. Again look at Wikipedia, and all of the MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) that are available, or also some crowdsourcing platforms that give you infinite access to broad knowledge and associated workers.

The third industrial revolution brings us one more thing: Utility Computing.

I will include in the Utility Computing concept the hole of Cloud Computing, Big Data Analytics and Connected Devices. It is the new world of Digital everywhere.
Move to the next stage: Innovation Platforms.

With infinite knowledge and utility computing, creativity becomes a critical asset. Companies need to take advantage of trends, local solutions, smart analytics or the next mobile killer application, and this list is not a limited one!

To meet this challenge and encourage creativity that is needed for tomorrow’s challenges, you need to have your own platform for innovation. This platform is dedicated to enabling a new species of people to speak up: “Creative Innovators”.

Who are these new champions?

They provide an answer to the Digital World. Creative Innovators will embrace the Digital Era, with abundant knowledge, easy access to people and technology to connect the dots and bring added-value to companies with digital innovations. They must be able to express their creativity through a dedicated platform, simple and efficient.

Now, is your Innovation Platform available?

What might this platform be? It is a key to encourage creativity and experimentation.
It could be an application platform to build “Disposable apps”, which can provide a rapid response to any idea or a quick answer to a particular need. The most used apps could then be included in the Information System portfolio.
Company Data Analytics (not of course on confidential data for experimentation), would this enable open research access, analysis and interconnected thoughts.

A ready to use “Technical box”. In fact, it would be like a Technology Lego Box, able to shape your thoughts into solutions.


Unleash the Creative Innovators!

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