Four years of Beamap!

Four years of Beamap!

This month will be Beamap’s 4th anniversary. In the IT world, it’s like half a century in the car industry!

What’s happened so far?

So many things!

First, I want to say how proud I am of the team and now the “Beamaps” that have started up across Europe.  I am impressed!

Second, I want to have a look at the market. In 2011, very few of us were convinced about cloud computing. We had a clear vision of the disruption it was causing  and at the same time we realised it was the dawn of this new utility.

Let’s summarise the three phases we have seen in these last four years.

Understanding the Cloud

In the beginning, Beamap worked with clients to explain the market. We explained what IaaS, PaaS, SaaS were and what we could do with them. We also worked to give a clear view of who the cloud vendors were and their offers: features, SLAs, security options and then their key differences. “Cloud Panorama” is still a key asset for Beamap with a unique understanding of the market since 2011! In this understanding phase, clients also asked us about finding cloud opportunities. Cost reduction was the main driver at the start but other benefits soon emerged: faster delivery, new capabilities, pay per use, reliability and many others.

Experimenting with the Cloud

Very soon after the understanding, clients were asking us to help them shape their cloud strategy. Clients expected us to create a new vision for them and provide the first steps to build their baby clouds. It was the time of lots of private cloud projects. These were very technically orientated projects. We quickly discovered that connecting business needs to cloud would help us get the best business case. Theses first projects raised the goal of the cloud. Doing a cloud project has become an integral part of the company’s stakes and challenges, hasn’t it?

Leveraging the Cloud

The next cloud phase was the Public Cloud. The business part of our clients were looking for  new, modern ways of delivering faster, without having to wait months for internal IT Teams. On the one hand,  Software as a Service was here to solve this with online software you can buy with your credit card. On the other hand, Infrastructure Services and Platform Services were providing a new way to manage the IT legacy and also build future applications. This is the starting point of cloud transformation projects: we had to invent new operating models, new costing models and people reskilling plans.  

Futuring the Cloud

What’s next? Hard question to answer 😉 I would say we are still at the beginning of this huge transformation. Whether we like it or not, cloud computing will be increasingly present in our lives in the coming years. This disruption – we could say this new utility – is the foundation of our digital world. Companies understand cloud benefits better and are now on track for its implementation. The good news is, enterprises are now committed to integrating cloud into their IT plans for the future. I would insist on this. Cloud is not only part of the future. Cloud is also the platform your company needs to build your Digital reality. Social, Mobile, Analytics and very soon Artificial Intelligence will all rely on Cloud.

Cloud is your digital home.

Happy birthday, Beamap!

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