Artificial Intelligence, What’s  the current surge of interest all about?

Artificial Intelligence, What’s  the current surge of interest all about?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is big these days, as I said in a previous post we can see the Cognitive Cloud as the next big disruption in IT and it’s coming fast! Android founder Andy Rubin  recently explained that the “next major wave” of computing will come from AI.

Why do we need to pay attention to this new technology? Like the internet or the cloud, artificial intelligence is going to be the next life-changing disruption. AI could disrupt all repetitive jobs, in fact anything you repeat three times, a machine can learn and do for you! The most surprising point with AI is that this time it could even disrupt all software based vendors and even Google!. If you can teach a machine how to search the web, for example, AI software will be able to it for you.

Yes, I know, you might be thinking, this isn’t going to happen overnight, but I assure you, it is much closer than you imagine.

Look at the all the talk on AI. All the technology gurus are expressing  an opinion on it. Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk or Bill Gates warn us about AI!

They are all focused on this and aware it could be a game changer for all of us.

Key tech players are also really greedy for  AI. Let me outline some key elements, for example with GAFA.


Early 2014, Google acquired Deepmind a very smart UK based company founded by Demis Hassabis an entrepreneur and a maths genius. What are they doing? Deep learning algorithms : a very important step in AI efficiency which drastically improves  performance in various areas (photo recognition, voice or gaming). The company did not explain what  the applications would be in the coming months. Could we imagine Google putting $500m on the table for something without deep value? The fact is, their publications are impressive. They are not just improving Google Now or other products, I am convinced they are preparing the Google of the next decade.


Apple is not leaving AI to its competitors! It’s a greedy Apple too, with two acquisitions Perceptio and VocalIQ to improve Siri. Apple is investing aggressively in AI. They clearly understand they can use Siri and the technology behind it to improve their client’s’ experience and services. It’s not just about the iPhone but also the TV, like the last Apple TV voice control. AI community is an open world and this is a challenge for Apple. Their company secrecy might be an issue in their AI team building.



Facebook launched ‘M’ its personal assistant on messenger in August. This service – still in beta but if Facebook is ok, I am really ok to test it 🙂 – came from the acquisition of an AI based platform for developers early this year.



Amazon is also investing in the AI area. Things are not so visible at the moment, but consumers in US are using Amazon Echo, a Siri like box which can play music. Not yet really good but it’s just a question of time.


And others

AI is not only a game for GAFA, Microsoft is also planning in the AI space. Cortana, the Siri like feature is an example of this move. Microsoft Cloud, like Amazon Web Services, is offering a first steps AI toolbox to build applications with AI features. Last but not least, we mustn’t forget IBM with its Watson initiative : The Cognitive Cloud Division is a clear message they think – and they think well – AI will be a huge market opportunity.


To conclude, the market will reach multi-billions dollars by 2020 with a two digits yearly growth according to a recent study from Marketsandmarkets. Might this be the reason the big players are so interested in AI?

Are you interested in AI? AI is on the go already!

You can use an AI Private Assistant to schedule your meetings. Claralabs and X.AI in the US and in Europe.

I have been using Juliedesk since February and I would never go back!

It was an easy first step for me to get into the future.


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