Understanding the world

Understanding the world

I have a dream around an idea that often shocks a first timer : allowing humans to communicate seamlessly with machines.

In reality, this ambition can only be understood by reading our true ambition : understanding the world. A world who, in barely a century, saw its population grow from two to seven billions. A world where we exchange, we communicate more everyday, to a point where conversation itself has become the ultimate state of mind, the ultimate interface and makes us forget the traditional apps. That’s right, today’s main messaging apps have more active users than today’s main social networks.

More than ever, language understanding becomes the number one goal of this new era. Understanding ideas, wishes, exchanges, but also facilitating their sharing and diffusion is a great challenge.

Recast.AI’s artificial intelligence is first and foremost collective and collaborative : let’s share, people! Every time we teach something to it, every single user benefits.

After only ten months, we’re proud of what we’ve built, but we want to go much further.

Millions of developers, companies, States or foundations have to gain from artificial intelligence and its possibilities. Not all have realised it, but some have gotten on the bandwagon and are building the next use cases with us. At Recast.AI, we’ve created the foundations that will boost existing applications with conversational super-powers by conceiving bots, conversational agents, combining machine learning and natural language processing. With always the same objective : better understand the world to perfect user experience.

The project is in development and we are currently more than ten to build it everyday. With a first seed funding of one million of euros and strong of the two rewards Publicis and Webhelp honoured us with at Viva Technology, we want to go big.

To go further and move at lightspeed, we wish to reinforce our management as well as our technical team with business developers, CTOs, COOs, skilled developers, data scientists, machine learning and natural language processing specialists.

Entrepreneur at heart ? Ready to go all the way up and build tomorrow’s digital world ? 

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