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A bright Cloud new year !

A bright Cloud new year !

Posted By on Jan 4, 2012

I wish you, once again, my best wishes for the year 2012!

It’s a new year, with good intentions, in a not easy context but with great opportunities. Anyway, it is like we are, you look at life with a half full glass or half empty. You guessed it, I think being in the first category. This is certainly a trait I’ve always had, a positive vision of the future and what we can find in it and especially with our work!

For this blog around the Cloud, my wish for 2012 is that the cloud becomes all bright, clear, understandable for you to succeed in this transition to cloud computing. It is this positive vision of the future we will build based on opportunity, such as Cloud.

This year I want to focus my blog around

- Cloud and Men, set in the center : Teams, around projects Cloud, what are the impacts, what are the risks but also the responses,
- The Cloud to increase the competitiveness of our businesses, they need it, but also facilitate the transformation,
- Trends in Cloud because you have to follow the proliferation of private cloud projects, projects and the emergence of SaaS and PaaS, DevOps, and it is only the beginning!

Finally, I also want to advocate a vision, an ambition and belief in our country and to be heard, modestly, to bring ideas in the debate in this election year.

Very good 2012 with Patrick’s Clouds I hope;)


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